Review: An Unsuitable Governess by Violet King

An Unsuitable Governess is a wonderful new book from author Violet King.

Favorite new character:  Rose is lively and incorrigible,  she blurts without thinking, and in every way acts the part of a tween trying to walk the line between youth and young adult.  She has friends outside her station, is fearless in her search for adventure, loves playing and being silly, and has quite the obsession with hangings.  She made me laugh many times with her antics.

What I loved:  I loved the interactions and rivalries between Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam.  You can almost feel their mutual love and respect coming off the pages.  I also enjoyed the sweet stepmother and treasure hunting picnic party.

Romance level  On a scale of 0 (no kissing of any kind) to 5 (can’t read it without skipping pages) this book rates about 1.0.  An Unsuitable Governess contains multiple hand kisses, two brief kissing scenes, and one mention of a deceased husband’s “manhood” which was actually rather humorous in the awkwardness of the context (which I don’t want to spoil).

Angst level:  On a scale of 0 (picking daisies in the soft light) to 5 (no fingernails left and toothpicks holding the eyelids open), An Unsuitable Governess rates, again, about 1.0, very mild tension.

Things I wish were different: I really love when we get a little more time with our dear happy couple at the end of the book and before the tidy epilogue, this book, like many others, seems to rush through the ending as soon as we hit the happy.  I could’ve used another full chapter of courting and fluffy googoo eyes!

Rating summary:  On a scale from 0 (so many errors and inconsistencies that couldn’t finish it) to 5 (super enjoyable read that I couldn’t put down), I would rate An Unsuitable Governess at a solid 4.25-4.5.  Highly recommended lighthearted read!

I was provided an ARC copy to review.